An art project by Raubdruckerin

The Raubdruckerin group was led by Emma-France Raff. In 2006, while she was still living in Portugal, she came up with the idea of ​​using manhole covers to print t-shirts after a discussion with her father, painter Johannes Kohlrusch.

Raubdruckerin is more of an art project than a business model. But the project’s t-shirts have gone viral throughout social networks.

The Raubdruckerin team will be looking for surfaces in major cities that can become t-shirt molds – be it manhole covers, bricks, raised surfaces. After that, the group will smear it with ink and then print it on the t-shirt*. Since then, the shirt has unique motifs, streetwear nature, retro style because the ink fades, and is imbued with the culture of each different city.

The use of urban surfaces as t-shirts is also unique, in part because it stands in stark contrast to the classic printing process.

Printing is usually done in a clean, discreet, orderly environment to deliver sharp and industry-standard results. Raubdruckerin’s street printing of t-shirts creates impromptu, uncontrollable, retro prints that exude craftsmanship despite the molding being a product of the mass-production industry.

The idea of ​​​​printing t-shirts brings the idea of ​​​​preserving urban culture

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